Red Carpet, lilo, kernal

I am not sure if this is the place to post this but maybe I can some
I installed Red Carpet 0.9 on my Redhat 6.2 system the night it became
and updated everything in sight.  It seemed to work fine.  It did
uninstall balsa and a
couple of other packages that I was not familiar with. However the next
I tried to use my printer I found the printer daemon had crashed and
resisted the
restart command.  I rebooted and  during the process several [failed]
messages scrolled pass.
I found that lilo was tying to load  linuz-2.2.16-3  and my kernal is
I edited the image=  line in lilo.conf  and now I get an error message
about an unknown
device at 0x2100 when I run lilo.   I do recall a message on the list
shortly after that about someone complaining that Red Carpet wanted to
change theirt kernal version.  Can anyone
help.  Is this  a bug in Red Carpet?  Thanks for your help.


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