Re: Problems installing Gnome-aware applications

Le 26 Feb 2001 16:53:29 -0800, Jason Holliston a écrit :
> Ok, this is driving me insane.  Here's the problem, then I'll put in some
> background on my system.  I'm attempting to install gODBCConfig that comes
> with unixODBC, but it complains that it's can't find in
> /usr/local/lib.  In fact, that file is not anywhere on my system.  I do some
> looking around on the mailing list archives, and decide that I need to
> reinstall gnome-libs so I can get this file.  This starts off a nasty
> install fest -- for gnome-libs, I need GTK+, and for GTK+, I need glib.  Now
> I have a new problem:  when I try to configure gnome-libs, it says "Your db
> library is missing db 1.85 compatibility mode".  Downloaded and tried to
> install gnome-db, but it comes up with the original error in configure:
> "can't find" 
> Anyway, someone tell me there's an easy way to fix this.  Here's the system
> info:
> Solaris 8
> gcc v2.95.2
> Originally a Helix Gnome install, about 5 days old

My god, you went to hell!!

1) To solve the original problem, you needed the devel package of
gnome-libs which you can find from helix.
2) To solve your current problem, you need Berkely DB: the proper way to
compile it is described in the compile instrauctions of Gnome-libs.


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