Problems installing Gnome-aware applications

Ok, this is driving me insane.  Here's the problem, then I'll put in some
background on my system.  I'm attempting to install gODBCConfig that comes
with unixODBC, but it complains that it's can't find in
/usr/local/lib.  In fact, that file is not anywhere on my system.  I do some
looking around on the mailing list archives, and decide that I need to
reinstall gnome-libs so I can get this file.  This starts off a nasty
install fest -- for gnome-libs, I need GTK+, and for GTK+, I need glib.  Now
I have a new problem:  when I try to configure gnome-libs, it says "Your db
library is missing db 1.85 compatibility mode".  Downloaded and tried to
install gnome-db, but it comes up with the original error in configure:
"can't find" 

Anyway, someone tell me there's an easy way to fix this.  Here's the system

Solaris 8
gcc v2.95.2
Originally a Helix Gnome install, about 5 days old

		Thanks in advance, Jason

Jason Holliston
Quality Assurance Engineer
jasonh webtrends com
WebTrends Corporation

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