Re: libglade - gnome-utils configuration problem

I have fixed similar problems as follows:
1. Run ldconfig
2. Do a make distclean (or just delete and re-unpack the tarball) for the thing you're trying to configure. Actually there is supposedly one file you can delete instead (someone posted it on this list), but I forget what it is. Maybe config.cache.
3. Run configure again.
-- David

scud wrote:

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to configure gnome-utils-1.3.1 for debian (last stable release). An error occurs every time the configuration script reaches Glade section. I have spent almost two days trying to solve the problem. Just now, I went probably crazy.
If you can help me, PLEASE HELP.

Here is a description of the problem:

running "./configure"
checking for Glade libraries >= 0.11
configure error: Did not find libGlade installed.

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