Re: Desktop icons gone

Anthony E . Greene wrote:

David Shochat wrote:

I must have done something that caused the icons for most of the items
on the desktop (namely Trash, ldp, helixcode, gnotices, gnome, cdrom and
fd0) to lose their distinctive icons and revert to generic "sheet of
paper" or folder icons.


I  think this is a problem with ~/.gnome/metadata.db. If you delete it and
restart your GNOME session (logout, then login) it will be recreated and the
icon files will be re-read.


I had already fixed the icons using the suggestion from Stephen Williams (desktop menu item: Recreate Default Icons). But I tried your suggestion anyway (actually renamed the file) just to see if it would restore the original order of the icons (with fd0 and cdrom at the end). What it actually did was to make the icons revert to the "generic" condition I originally reported, so I guess the file doesn't rebuilt automatically. But that still proves that you are right that it is related to the per-user state of these things. So I did "Recreate Default Icons" again. That brought back all the icons except the ones for fd0 and cdrom which are still looking like generic folders. I'll try reverting to my original metadata.db and see if they too come back.
Thanks for hslping to solve the mystery. -- David

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