Re: Red Carpet 0.9 beta

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 01:15:45PM +1300, Renze de Ruiter wrote:
> > Maybe your way of handling your computer does not make you the target
> > audience of Red Carpet. I know people that work perfectly without
> > GNOME / KDE, handle system packages from the command line or do not
> > use packages at all. Everyone should accept "each person, one way",
> Yeah, it looks as though Red Carpet is completely useless to the power user. 
> It's a shame really... even power users like to install some software in an
> easy manner from time to time.

I'm a power user, I think.  I also helped write Red Carpet, so I
obviously use it as well.

Perhaps you need to learn how to inform your rpm database when you've
installed software by hand?  (Yes, it is possible and easy to do.)

> > Any way, Red Carpet is Beta, no? ;]
> Not any more, apparently.  :)

It is still, actually.  That's why it's called 0.9.

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