Re: Red Carpet 0.9 beta

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 08:24:10 Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

> All those things were installed via RPM / Deb / other package system?

All via RPM.  Stuff I compiled from tarball doesn't show up (as it shouldn't).

> BTW, remove or upgrade? Is it going to install other versions of
> things or just delete? I suppose it is going to remove them and put
> other things in their place. Bad phrasing of UI? Maybe.

No, it was going to remove them and not put anything in their place.  It was
going to remove balsa, which I still use as my email client until Evolution is
more stable.

> Maybe your way of handling your computer does not make you the target
> audience of Red Carpet. I know people that work perfectly without
> GNOME / KDE, handle system packages from the command line or do not
> use packages at all. Everyone should accept "each person, one way",

Yeah, it looks as though Red Carpet is completely useless to the power user. 
It's a shame really... even power users like to install some software in an
easy manner from time to time.

> > I think I'll just stick to using the old Helix Update for now, and
> > manually downloading RPMs later.
> Not bad solution for the moment. If you want to do things by hand, my
> best advice is to do all that way, so an intelligent being (you :] )

I'm so tempted to install Slackware right now.  :)

> Any way, Red Carpet is Beta, no? ;]

Not any more, apparently.  :)


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