Red Carpet 0.9 beta

Am I the only person having serious issues with Red Carpet?  It seems to work
OK, but whenever I go to install something, it tells me that it must remove 45
packages (several of which I use on a daily basis and don't want removed) and
that it wants to install kernel 2.2.16 even though I compiled my own 2.4.0
kernel, and XFree86 3.3.6 when I'm using XFree86 4.0 (not standard issue
RedHat 6.1 RPMs of course, but still...)

I don't want Red Carpet to remove stuff I use or install stuff I don't need.
Is there a way I can tell Red Carpet NOT to do this?  It seems pretty
braindead about how it selects what to remove, as a lot of the packages have
absolutely nothing to do with what I'm trying to install.  Why would it want
to remove gedit, for example?

I think I'll just stick to using the old Helix Update for now, and manually
downloading RPMs later.

*____*  Renze de Ruiter <renze ihug co nz>, <renze openverse org>
: ~~ :  Never ask a geek "why"; just nod your head and back away slowly.
`.  .'

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