Re: unwanted autoload

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 08:44:52PM -0300 or thereabouts, Mario Carugno wrote:
> Hi people !
> When gnome starts, the control-center window appears automatically, and
> i don't know why. I guess this happen since a gnome 'hang up'.
> How can i solve this ?

This is what session-management is all about. Every so often Gnome
goes, "Hmm. What am I running?" and tells itself what applications
are open. When you quit GNOME you get asked whether to save the
session, too, and if you hit 'yes', it reminds itself what's open.
When you restart GNOME, all that will get reopened for you.

So get rid of the control-center, and next time you quit, ensure you
have saved the session. GNOME will then see no control-center open
when it checks, and will not reopen it when you restart. 

Note: this works with GNOME programs. It won't generally work with
non-GNOME ones, as far as I know. 


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