Re: glib / Tru64 v.5.0 interaction bug report & workaround

My original report is now bugzilla bug 50532.  I'll throw this one
comment out on this list, since this is where I originally posted, and
then I'll leave it to bugzilla.

> I'm not sure what the right fix for the bug is.
>  - We can't change the RTLD_GLOBAL flag in gmodule for GTK+-1.2, since
>    we may break existing apps
>  - The GIMP can't change module_init to somthing properly
>    namespaced without breaking binary compatibility.

The man page for dlopen on my machine says:
  If neither RTLD_GLOBAL nor RTLD_LOCAL are specified, RTLD_GLOBAL will be
  assumed. However, unlike explicit use of RTLD_GLOBAL, this default mode
  will allow dynamic rebinding of symbol addresses and recalculation of
  dynamic relocations as shared libraries are loaded or unloaded.

>From this, I think that on this particular OS, you can safely omit
RTLD_GLOBAL -- so my inclination is to suggest that you auto-detect
tru64 unix and bind RTLD_GLOBAL to 0 in that special case.  (I think
you're almost certainly right that this is a Tru64 bug.)


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