help needed with gnome on solaris7

 I installed helix-gnome on my ultra5 workstation(solaris 7) using installer-rpm3-solaris. It gave me a few errors while installing like some scripts not executed and an install-info not found. After installation iam facing the following problems.
1. the icons on the desktop take forever to load. like half an hour sometimes.. (i have waited!!).. in the meanwhile rightclick doesnt work on the desktop.(it works on the panel). The file manager and other menus dont appear.
2.xmms doesnt add songs to the playlist. there is no way i can play a song using xmms. when i try to add a song to the playlist nothing happens.

some things work just fine while some dont. these are the problems i have noticed so far.
Can someone help me correct these? Thanks zillions.
Regards, Sreejayanth.
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