Re: RANLIB problem

Himanshu Gohel wrote:
> Dean Schumacher wrote:
> >
> > I'm trying to build gnome-libs on a Solaris 2.5.1 (SunOS 5.5.1)
> > system and keep having problems with 'make' failing on ranlib.
> > I get error messages like this:
> >
> > ranlib libintl.a
> > ranlib: fatal: relocation error: file ranlib: symbol
> > bindtextdomain: referenced symbol not found
> It may not really a problem with ranlib.  As an aside, shouldn't
> the configure scripts figure out that you're running on Solaris 2.x
> and not run ranlib anyway?  That may need to be corrected.
> GNOME and many apps seem to assume that gettext is built into
> libc, which on non-Linux systems is not true.  I compile GNOME
> apps on SGI's IRIX and face this problem all the time.
> There are two possibilities - if there's a --with-included-gettext
> use that, or if there isn't, then you can add -lintl to the
> generated makefiles.
> That usually fixes my problem.
> Himanshu Gohel, gohel csee usf edu

Thanks. I was having that problem with libintl, and fixed it by
using --with-included-gettext as you stated.

However, I have problems with ranlib constantly. It's called for
every library and always fails. I don't know why configure doesn't
handle that automatically.


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