RANLIB problem

I'm trying to build gnome-libs on a Solaris 2.5.1 (SunOS 5.5.1)
system and keep having problems with 'make' failing on ranlib.
I get error messages like this:

ranlib libintl.a
ld.so.1: ranlib: fatal: relocation error: file ranlib: symbol
bindtextdomain: referenced symbol not found

According to the man pages, "ranlib was used in SunOS 4.x to add
a table of contents to archive libraries... This is no longer
needed as the ar command automatically provides all the functionality
ranlib used to provide".

Therefore, I have been hacking the code to take out references to
RANLIB, which seems to work, but this is a big pain because it is
all over the place.

Is there some option I can use when running the configure script
that will tell it not to use ranlib, or is there another better

Dean Schumacher			Email: dean schumacher usa alcatel com
Software Engineering Tools	Phone: 972.519.3252
Alcatel USA

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