Re: Java under Mozilla

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Brett Castleberry wrote:

> On 2001.02.01 19:13:10 -0500 Herman Roozenbeek wrote:
> > This is probably off-topic, but maybe somebody can help...
> >
> > I have Mozilla 0.7 installed and downloaded the Java RE plugin (jre.xpi).
> > But I can't find anywhere how this plugin must be installed to be
> > recognized by Mozilla. Should I also set up a MIME type?

  I tried this route also, since the mozilla downloader/installer is so
bad. It turns out that mozilla recognises a .xpi file and executes it, so
if one pulls this down by whatever means and then gives it to mozilla
as a file URL, it unpacks it.

  Unfortunately neither that, nor the method below which I just tried,
work for me, but I'm running my own builds from CVS, not 0.7.

  More info here:

>    Unzip jre.xpi (with "unzip") in its own directory, (like
> "jre-1.3.0_01'), in /usr/local/.  Then make a
> symbolic link in /usr/local/mozilla/package/plugins to the
> file:


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