Re: A few questions....

On 2001.02.01 15:47:29 -0500 Michael Weichert wrote:

> Second, I forgot to enable the option while installing Linux to use 
> Graphical Login. So how do I go about having gdm appear instead of bash 
> prompting me for login and password.

"For those systems which come with linuxconf, assuming that Gnome already
starts properly when you "startx", you can do it with linuxconf. As root in
an xterm type "linuxconf". When it comes up go to Config->boot
mode->Mode->default boot mode and click on it. Select the Graphic & Network
button and Accept.  This certainly works on Red Hat 6.2, as does the
reverse (selecting Text mode & Network to stop booting into GNOME)."

(from the Gnome FAQ: :"Starting GNOME


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