RE: A few questions....

> I have Ximian Gnome and Redhat 7 installed. I am using 
> GnoRPM. Sometimes 
> I get errors saying:
> "cannot get exclusive lock on /var/lib/rpm /Packages." I 
> really need to 
> get that one fixed.
I doubt its an error. Probably the rpm database is locked 
by someone/something else. Do you have an rpm command running 
in a window or perhaps a second instance of GnoRPM running.

> Second, I forgot to enable the option while installing Linux to use 
> Graphical Login. So how do I go about having gdm appear 
> instead of bash 
> prompting me for login and password.
You want to have Linux boot into run level 5 instead of run level 3. But
I forget how to change it so it boots this way. You can do it temporarily
by typing "init 5" when logged in as root, this will end the current log-in

> Finally, I need CDR support for my HP CD Writer and the new 
> 2.4 kernal. 
> How do I go about getting this? Someone mentioned to be to 
> use kernalcfg 
> or something like that?

This is not really a gnome issue. I would search the web for CDR
how-to help. There are lots of web sites that will step you through 
it. There are too many little details to try to get it answered 
through this list. 

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