Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus vs. gmc.

kenny holyrood ed ac uk (2001-04-18 at 1006.11 +0100):
>     >> ONLY two dirs they see are $HOME and $PROJECT.  Of course they
>     >> can see everything recursive of those, but nothing above it.
>     Martin> You'd be better off chrooting the users and/or set
>     Martin> restrictive permissions on the other files.
> I'm sure Brandon means he doesn't want his users seeing the files.  He
> didn't say write/read/execute, but to see.  Just like Netware's
> filescan property.

chroot does that and more: no rwx and no view, cos you do not have any
access, the files do not exist in a chrooted env. Of course, if apps
need access, just remove read permission for the dir.


> How easy is it to modify Nautilus to accept a series of regular
> expressions and only show (ie. allow users to see) files and
> directories which match?

I want Nautilus to cook my food and tidy my room. Any takers? Easy or
hard to implement?

> This is a user convenience thing, not a security measure.  That'll
> stop my users phoning asking what's "/usr/local/etc/foobar" for and
> why can't he overwrite it.

Record the following, write it in a web page or have some kind of auto
mailer send it when needed:

"The following directories are your directories [insert list
here]. The rest of things are system files and directories that you
can not overwrite maybe even read. If you want to learn as a hobby,
cos it is not needed for your [job, studies or the applicable task],
get a book about Unix and read it. There are clubs that will help you
too, like there are poem workshops."

I think people can understand "you do not needed, but if you want to
do it in your free time, do it, I only care if you do your job when
have to". Being able to do does not mean it will be done, most of
times people will not care and let others do things.

Yes, I am pissed off people trying to make tech things a magic thing.
If the trend keeps going on, we will not need aliens for that, even so
called civilized people will see magic everywhere. Maybe you should
lobotomize your users too, vegetables do not poke around as inteligent
persons do.

"Cosechas lo que siembras" (~ "You harvest what you seed").




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