Re: PPC port of gnome-1.4 ?

El 16 Apr 2001 23:33:17 +0200, Anne et Bertrand escribió:
> Hello,
> I'm ppc linux user. I've just downloaded gnome-1.4 sources and tried to
> compile them.
> Did someon succeed in this ?
> I'd got sevral problems. Still are there the following
> - ammonite : problems with some linux headers, in particular string.h
> (bigendian problem ?) Was ammonite yet ported to ppc ?

There is nothing to port. 
You need to do ./configure --disable-more-warnings
Released tarballs were supposed to have this by default 
but obviously they aren't

> -gnome-vfs-1.0 : problems when linking libgnome-vfs-corba against gconf.
You need gconf =)

> -gnome-applets : everything seems to be OK but, finally, when all is
> compiled and "rpm-ed", I've got a 45k rpm-package gnome-applet. Almost
> all applets are not there.
mmm Strange. I suppose that's an rpm prob;lem

> I'm stuck. And the packages I've already compiled give a very unstable
> gnome (gmc always quits, as panel...)

> I did not try to compile nautilus because I suppose it has not been
> ported to ppc yet.
I have nautilus on my ppc. Still you might need to pass
the --disable-more-warnings flag unto the configure script


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