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On Fri, Sep 29, 2000 at 08:36:51AM -0500, Paul E Johnson wrote:
> Mathieu Lacage wrote:
> > 
> > RH 7.0 has a completely new rpm system: porting it to RH 7.0 is NOT easy.
> > You had better yell at the RH 7.0 guys who broke every existing piece of
> > software using RPM but theirs.
> I think this is not accurate.  I have installed RPMs from other RH
> editions on my RH7 system, no problem.  You cant take an RH7 rpm and
> install into an older/differnt system unless that system upgrades rpm,
> but it is really wrong to say they broke all software distributed in RPM
> format.  The build process for maiking RPMs is also the same, as far as
> I can see.

You are speaking only about the user interface to rpm, not the library.
The library interface has changed.

Ian Peters
itp helixcode com

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