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> From: Mathieu Lacage [mailto:mathieu eazel com]
> "Daniel Hauck" <xdesign hotmail com> writes:
> > I'm really shocked considering that redhat 7.0 has been out 
> in beta for so
> > long.  And isn't Helixcode linked with RedHat somewhere?  
> The lack of
> > communication is nothing short of shocking to me.  
> Microsoft has more
> > communication going on with developers than this.  Wow... I 
> just didn't
> > imagine this would be a problem at all.
> RH 7.0 has a completely new rpm system: porting it to RH 7.0 
> is NOT easy.
> You had better yell at the RH 7.0 guys who broke every 
> existing piece of 
> software using RPM but theirs.

Por favor, and si vous plait, keep the FUD on MS mailing lists.

There has been communication about the changes from RPM 3 to RPM 4, and
there seems to be pretty decent documentation of the rpmlib API (IANAH, so I
can't say for sure).  There is only one distribution using RPM 4, while many
are using RPM 3.  They did not BREAK any software, they simply made it
incompatible.  If you want to use the old software on RH7, you've got 2
options.  First, update the software to be able to use the new API.  Second,
downgrade the version of RPM on RH7 to v3, and use the old software.  Later,

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