Re: (-) Sorry, your distribution type is unsupported.

Mathieu Lacage wrote:
> RH 7.0 has a completely new rpm system: porting it to RH 7.0 is NOT easy.
> You had better yell at the RH 7.0 guys who broke every existing piece of
> software using RPM but theirs.

I think this is not accurate.  I have installed RPMs from other RH
editions on my RH7 system, no problem.  You cant take an RH7 rpm and
install into an older/differnt system unless that system upgrades rpm,
but it is really wrong to say they broke all software distributed in RPM
format.  The build process for maiking RPMs is also the same, as far as
I can see.

It is not the change in RPM which is causing the slowdown, but rather
the change in gcc and support libraries. Lots of stuff that compiled
before will not compile now.  

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