Re: ANNOUNCE: gnome-print 0.23

I just got back from the weekend.  What the other people suggested should

If you want to know more about how configure does the magic of finding stuff on
your system, read on.

Configure is a script that is generated by autoconf from a file called  When configure is run, it looks for some other scripts to tell it about
your system.  One of those scripts is called 'gnome-config'.  Try running
gnome-config to see what it does for you.  In the example you gave (from the
gnome-print configure script) it gives it the arguments "--modversion unicode".  The
intention is to find out what version of libunicode you have.  The problem here is
that the gnome-config script didn't know what libunicode was.

A solution:  the script called "unicode-config" does know about your
installation of libunicode.  Instead of running gnome-config, unicode-config should be
run.  There are several other uses of the config scripts:  configure needs to know
what options make should pass to gcc when compiling.  gcc needs to know what
libraries you want to link to and what paths might need to be added to the search
path to find the libraries.  for example, run "unicode-config --libs" to see what
options to pass to gcc to link against libunicode.

Another solution (the one I think they are using):  update the libunicode
distribution so that the gnome-config script works the way gnome-print's configure
script expects it to.

Hope this helps you to understand how things work more.  Feel free to replay
again if I did a bad job of explaining things.


On Sat, 23 Sep 2000 13:16:58 peter bunney wrote:
> Philippe Defert cern ch writes:
> > 
> >Edit the configure script and (if you really have libunicode 0.4)
> >s/`gnome-config --modversion unicode`/`echo unicode-0.4`/;
> >s/(".* `gnome-config --libs .*) unicode`"/"$1` -lunicode -lz"/;
> >The fact is that there is no in the libunicode 0.4
> >distrib. 
> >Amicalement.
> >Philippe.
> Can you give a bit more detail for the ignorant? 
> My depth of knowledge ends at the "./configure;make;make install" level
> :-(
> I found this in the script..............
> **********************
> echo $ac_n "checking for libunicode >= 0.4""... $ac_c" 1>&6
> echo "configure:4909: checking for libunicode >= 0.4" >&5
> vers=`gnome-config --modversion unicode | sed -e "s/unicode-//" | \
> 	awk 'BEGIN { FS = "."; } { printf "%d", $1 * 1000 + $2;}'`
> if test "$vers" -ge 4; then
> 	echo "$ac_t""found" 1>&6
> else
> 	{ echo "configure: error: not found" 1>&2; exit 1; }
> fi
> ***************************
> Where do the 2 part-lines go?
> Thanks
> Peter Bunney
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