Re: ANNOUNCE: gnome-print 0.23

peter bunney <peter bunney freeserve co uk> writes:

> Philippe Defert cern ch writes:
> > 
> >Edit the configure script and (if you really have libunicode 0.4)
> >s/`gnome-config --modversion unicode`/`echo unicode-0.4`/;
> >s/(".* `gnome-config --libs .*) unicode`"/"$1` -lunicode -lz"/;
> >The fact is that there is no in the libunicode 0.4
> >distrib. 

1) Get libunicode-0.4.gnome.tar.gz or (the patch) from your local
   mirror of

2) Put the following lines into a file (gnome-print-0.23/

#!/usr/bin/perl -pi.bak
	s/`gnome-config --modversion unicode`/`echo unicode-0.4`/g;
	s/(".* `gnome-config --libs .*) unicode`"/$1` -lunicode -lz"/g;

3) chmod a+x

4) ./

5) autoreconf

6) ./configure 

.. and follow the usual procedure

> Can you give a bit more detail for the ignorant? 
[ ... ]
> Where do the 2 part-lines go?

"configure" is generated from by GNU autoconf, so they
should go in

-- Ole

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