Swallowing with the Panel

I'm switching back to FVWM (2.3.x, with GNOME support) as my WM; I just
can't live without some of the specialized features I'm so used to now
(FvwmButtons features that the Panel can't emulate, and FvwmForm in

I'm using the latest HelixGNOME on a Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (+ some woody)
system, and the very latest FVWM (2.3.21).

I'm trying to get the GNOME panel to swallow my FvwmButtons and I have
some things that I'm sure I can do (they seem pretty basic) but I just
can't figure out how to do them:

 1) Once I swallow an app, I can't figure out how to modify the
    "swallow" parameters without deleting the thing and creating a new
    one.  If I mouse-3 click on the "thumb" I get a menu, but there's no
    Preferences in it, or any other way I can see to edit the parameters
    (such as the width, height, etc.)

 2) I can't seem to find any way to let a swallowed app keep one or both
    of its width/height parameters.  Can't I just tell the panel to use
    whatever width (for example) the window has?  Why must I give it an
    explicit width?  I tried setting the width to 0, but I got a 0-width
    object :)


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