sawfish doesn't work

Hi Everybody,
I'm running Debian Potato and I just decided to try out Helix-Gnome.
Everything was working great untill today when sawfish died on me.  I
did two things today that may have cause the problem.  I updated and
upgraded my system:

    >apt-get update
    >apt-get upgrade

which installed a new version of sawfish (If I remember correctly) and
then I installed gnome-print:

    >apt-get install gnome-print

This removed and updated some packages (I forget which ones exactly but
I know it removed task-helix-gnome) so I removed gnome-print (because I
sort of like helix-gnome) reinstalled task-helix-gnome:

    >apt-get remove gnome-print
    >apt-get install task-helix-gnome

and restarted my system.  Now sawfish doesn't work!!!

Anybody got any clues?


P.S. could anyone on gnome-list cc to dixon99 alumni middlebury edu
because I'm not on that list

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