Re: Netscape on the Desktop [I blew it]

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> On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Shel Johnson wrote:
> Well, I got Netscape to stop popping up, but also, I accidently removed
> the panel that runs along the bottom of the screen.. when I run the 'panel
> &' command, just the panel on the top [Programs, Favorites, Settings,
> Desktop] reappears.. any way to to get the bottom panel back??

Right click on the top panel and go to the ``Add new panel'' menu, then pick
the type of panel you want.

> Note: As you can see, I'm having WAY too much fun here :)

oh good :-)

> >For some reason, every time I log in to the desktop, Netsape pops up..
> > Does anyone know how to stop this??..
> You might have saved your session with netscape open. Do you log in from
> GDM? (the login window with a GNOME paw image in it) If you have, it asks
> you whether to save your session when you log out. Save the session with
> Netscape closed. It might help to save the session from your window
> manager separately. See your window manager docs about this.
> > Another question.. earlier I was having trouble with my control panel
> > disappearing.. I got that fixed by doing a 'panel &' command.. Well, the
> > panel is back, but now I've noticed something strange.. The part of the
> > panel that tells you what apps you have running is duplicated.. ie I
> have
> > 2 of them.. How do I get rid of one of them??... Thanks!!!
> Right click on one of the parts, select Remove from panel (or something
> similar), save session (i think).
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