RE: Netscape on the Desktop [I blew it]

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Shel Johnson wrote:

Well, I got Netscape to stop popping up, but also, I accidently removed
the panel that runs along the bottom of the screen.. when I run the 'panel
&' command, just the panel on the top [Programs, Favorites, Settings,
Desktop] reappears.. any way to to get the bottom panel back??

Note: As you can see, I'm having WAY too much fun here :)

>For some reason, every time I log in to the desktop, Netsape pops up..
> Does anyone know how to stop this??.. 
You might have saved your session with netscape open. Do you log in from
GDM? (the login window with a GNOME paw image in it) If you have, it asks
you whether to save your session when you log out. Save the session with
Netscape closed. It might help to save the session from your window
manager separately. See your window manager docs about this.

> Another question.. earlier I was having trouble with my control panel
> disappearing.. I got that fixed by doing a 'panel &' command.. Well, the
> panel is back, but now I've noticed something strange.. The part of the
> panel that tells you what apps you have running is duplicated.. ie I 
> 2 of them.. How do I get rid of one of them??... Thanks!!!
Right click on one of the parts, select Remove from panel (or something
similar), save session (i think).

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