Re: GNOME and external LCD projector

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:11:17 daniel sheltraw wrote:

> (1)What should I do with this core file?

Whatever you like... you can safely delete it.

> (2)Can I examine it somehow with the dgb debugger without knowing
>    which program caused the problem?

use the 'file' command to find out what program created it.  Type 'file core'
in the directory where the core file is, for example.  Then you can use gdb to
find out what happened.

> (3)How do I get rid of the bomb icon on the desktop?

Right click on it, and select Delete.  Chances are the core file is in your
~/.gnome-desktop/ directory and that is why it appears on your desktop.  Once it's
deleted, it won't appear any more.


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