Re: GNOME and external LCD projector

l5gibson hotmail com (2000-09-21 at 1511.17 -0500):
> (1)What should I do with this core file?

Delete it or keep it to send it to the program coder.

> (2)Can I examine it somehow with the dgb debugger without knowing
>    which program caused the problem?

You can use "file core" in a terminal to know who and why, so you can
ask what to exactly do with it, maybe the coder wants it or tells you
how to extract the important info with gdb.

> (3)How do I get rid of the bomb icon on the desktop?

Select it with MB1 (left button for right handed), MB3 (right button),
select Delete. But that deletes the core file, cos the bomb icon is
the icon for core files. I would move it to a dir until you know if
you can delete it.

> (4)The problem all started when I started Xwindows and GNOME (the
>    projector was displaying the console text mode screen properly
>    before doing "startx") so how do I toggle LCD/CRT mode under
>    GNOME (the function key F3 is usually used for this purpose
>    but pressing it is what resulted in my having to hit the power
>    switch in the first place and produce this core file)?

No idea, I do not have a LCD.


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