Re: GNOME and external LCD projector

daniel sheltraw wrote:

> presentation my machine had some problems. I now have a little bomb
> icon on my desktop and a core file in the directory I was in when
> I started Xwindows and GNOME.

> (1)What should I do with this core file?

It can safely be deleted if you have disk space shortage, or don't
care to debug them.  In fact, in my $HOME/.logout file I search for
core files using the find command and delete them.

> (2)Can I examine it somehow with the dgb debugger without knowing
>    which program caused the problem?

Generally a core file is debugged in conjunction with the binary
that has not been stripped of it's debugging symbols.  Not sure how you
got your binary - whether you compiled it with the "-g" flag to allow
debugging or if you got a precompiled version which might not.

The 'file core' command should tell you which program dumped core,
but that might depend on the version of 'file' you use.

> (3)How do I get rid of the bomb icon on the desktop?

Delete it it, just like you would a file.
> (4)The problem all started when I started Xwindows and GNOME (the

If it's a bug you can reproduce, it would be worthwhile to report it
using bug buddy.


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