Re: Image usage: will Gnome ever do these things?

pauljohn ukans edu (2000-09-20 at 0842.36 -0500):
> 1. Gnome terminal preferences: Randomly choose a background image from a
> directory. 

No idea about that. Maybe you could use a term that supports it. I use
plain xterm cos gnome-terminal does not has font menu for fast change.
Using gnome-terminal when it does not do what you want is just
weird. Use what you need, not a brand (gnome in this case).

> 2. Assign different background picturess to different workspaces.
> Enlightenment and WindowMaker can. Sawfish steadfastly refuses to,
> saying it is Gnome's job.  Is it possible for Gnome to do it?

It refuses cos it is not its core task, but can do that
indirectly. Sawfish core does few things (window decors and
organization), but as soon as you add extra scripts and config
options... it does too much... it even talks with Festival. :]

Put this in your .sawfishrc:

(defun change-workspace-background ()
  "Change workspace background colors"
   ((= 0 current-workspace) (system "xsetroot -solid mediumslateblue"))
   ((= 1 current-workspace) (system "xsetroot -solid seagreen2"))
   ((= 2 current-workspace) (system "xsetroot -solid orange"))))

(add-hook 'enter-workspace-hook change-workspace-background)

Instead of xsetroot, you can use any other command, like ImageMagick
display or xsetbg.


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