Re: Independant (or free) updater ?

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 04:18:17PM +0000, Karl Gutenberg wrote:
> Hello,
> >  Have a look at rpmfind tool, I actually already grow a 600MBytes
> > database of XML metadata on packages.
> >
> Will rpmfind --autoupgrade work with Helix too?

  Works well for me. I added 

 among the list of autoupgraded directories and it woks fine ...
I'm using the CVS version though, the 1.5 is getting old I need to make
a new release.
 The bad think is that since Helix doesn't sign its packages (will
this "feature" be reserved to paying customers ?) you can't have a
proof that the pacckage wasn't hacked. If you disagree with this,
stick with your distribution packages which are signed for most of
them (or change your distribution !).

> One thing I noted was that with _helix_ and _eazel_ packages, I often have 
> things installed but packages won't find it, demanding a specific package to 
> be present..... so I got used to --nodeps with rpm quite often... :(

   Eeeek don't do this. Rpmfind looks at the dependancies before 
launching rpm, and *will never force* an install. Forcing an install
means that you will get serious shit sooner or later.

   Okay I will release rpmfind-1.6 today, so more people can play
with it.


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