Re: Re: Independant (or free) updater ?

> > The 'helix code updater' is a nice sofware.
> > But, where are non-'helix code' softwares ?
> > In fact, for this mail I use Balsa (and I like it).

> I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I understand: do you mean an updater that
> updates just stock GNOME software instead of software from the Helix Code
> repository and mirrors?

Yes ! I never saw 'balsa' informations in 'helix code updater'.

'helix code updater' use XML file : 

exemple for mirrors location :

exemple for updates informations for the 'Mandrake-6' distrib :

If these files don't contain 'balsa' news, 'helix code updater' can't tell
about it.
I think it's easy to add others XML files for others softwares (defined by
I think it's easy to add freshmeat news/update, gtk+ news/update and GNOME


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