Suse 6.4 upgraded to XFree 6.4, problems now

Hello people,

first my congrats to the Helix people. They managed to fix my sound problems 
with Esound as reported earlier. The rate seems now to be set correctly. I 
still have the feel that it's not completely right, but I guess it's getting 

What did cause a lot trouble is my update from Xfree < 4 to 4.0.1 as 
downloaded from the CVS. I used CVS download because there are new Matrox 
drivers in it.... maybe a mistake :-)

The symptoms were that the install overwrote my startx AND that when using 
the gdm to start it, all of a sudden, my windows are getting crippled now. 
The left, right and bottom borders, don't get drawn anymore.....

They are there, when i click at them, the window gets raised.... but I think 
the elements are not there, I cannot resize a window with them e.g.

This occured with my "example" user first, as it does with my "root" user, so 
user settings are out of the game.

I tried to change the WM from Sawmill to twm, same symptoms! Must be a Gnome 
problem though. KDE2 never showed the problem anyway....

I wonder if Gnome is having a problem of being installed for another X 
version than I have now. I mean, i use 2.4 kernel, Xfree 4 and stuff, more of 
a 7.0 distribution....

Should I try reinstall Gnome?

Yours, Karl

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