Re: Suse 6.4 upgraded to XFree 6.4, problems now

One more thing to add, with KDE window manager, the Gnome programs get their 
windows right. Must be a gtk issue with the XFree i am using now?


On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Karl Gutenberg wrote:
> Hello people,
> first my congrats to the Helix people. They managed to fix my sound
> problems with Esound as reported earlier. The rate seems now to be set
> correctly. I still have the feel that it's not completely right, but I
> guess it's getting there....
> What did cause a lot trouble is my update from Xfree < 4 to 4.0.1 as
> downloaded from the CVS. I used CVS download because there are new Matrox
> drivers in it.... maybe a mistake :-)
> The symptoms were that the install overwrote my startx AND that when using
> the gdm to start it, all of a sudden, my windows are getting crippled now.
> The left, right and bottom borders, don't get drawn anymore.....
> They are there, when i click at them, the window gets raised.... but I
> think the elements are not there, I cannot resize a window with them e.g.
> This occured with my "example" user first, as it does with my "root" user,
> so user settings are out of the game.
> I tried to change the WM from Sawmill to twm, same symptoms! Must be a
> Gnome problem though. KDE2 never showed the problem anyway....
> I wonder if Gnome is having a problem of being installed for another X
> version than I have now. I mean, i use 2.4 kernel, Xfree 4 and stuff, more
> of a 7.0 distribution....
> Should I try reinstall Gnome?
> Yours, Karl
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