Réf. : modem hang up under gnome.ppp

Gnome PPP is working for me
1- On the account creation screen of gnome-ppp i have
user-name : my ISP account login name
remote name : my ISP account login name
password : my ISP account passord

2- The file pap-secrets
<ISP account login name>	*	<ISP account passord>

3- Make permissions on /etc/ttyS0 (or the device where the link /dev/modem is)
for all users (777)

4- You need also a DNS server in gnome-ppp DNS screen

email: jmardantz ifrance com
page personnelle: http://www.ifrance.com/ardantz
(Screenshots of Evolution and Nautilus)

Jean-Raymond Chauviere%cetelem fr Internet
15/09/2000 10:27
cc:	gnome-list%gnome org Internet (ccc: Jean-Michel ARDANTZ/SIFAC/F-T)
Objet:	modem hang up under gnome.ppp

Using kppp, every thing works fine.
For reasons I have not to explain there, I would prefer to use
But each time I try to connect, it launch pppd successfully,
modem lights blink and I get the message that unfortunately pppd dies
in the /var/log/message file, pppd says only: Modem Hang up

Any idea ?

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