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>>   If you have a "slow" machine you should consider not running all those
>> nice panel applets with those useless features (do you realy need to know
>> the weather?, for example). Applets use memory more than CPU time, but
>> this is important too. It does not matter how fast is your CPU if it have
>> to switch pages to disk all the time.
>>   Don't know if this is your problem but a friend of mine once told me he
>> couldn't believe how fast my computer was. He couldn't understand how he,
>> having a PII-300 32Mb, run gnome slower than me. Of couse he was using a
>> pixmap theme (looked great of course) and six or seven useless applets,
>> like gnome-weather which uses up to 5Mb of RAM.
>>   Alfonso
>  Agree with you here!
> Who the hell writes those dumb applets? How the **** little applet can
> eat whole 5 megs of RAM???? This jsut pisses me off. Abi World eats
> something around 5 megs!!
> I gueess, those applet writers got their hands growing from the wrong
> place.
>  Grrrrrrrrrr....................
> Same thing about Pixmap themes, only crazy people can work in such a
> slowliness. On my P2-333 I can't afford myself using one of those cool
> Pixmap themes. So I use some pretty cool "basic" themes, but still, M$ is
> faster :(
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What would you consider a "pixmap theme" (im a little new at this)
i would love to speed up my computer so should i stick with the default gnoem and sawfish themes, are there still pretty themes that arent so slow.

just wondering

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