Re: better name for gtk+

David Lloyd wrote: 
> The name doesn't matter to me although I think it should stay Gtk+ for
> historical purposes...
   Some distributions call it gtk (e.g. SuSE)
   Plus signs might confuse Win32 installations
	DOS> copy a+b+c target
   8.3 names are less likely to confuse
	UMSDOS-based filesystems
	Non-Unix CD users looking for tarballs

Perhaps the GnomeFoundation could provide a list of
preferred names for packages, or a policy for
TWO lists (longnames and 8.3names) with a preferred means
by which rpm and/or deb (or even Solaris pkginstall) can
deal correctly with either.

Similarly, packages could have name parts formalized into
a package-version-distribution-distrelease format so that
rpm/deb can correctly handle packages from multiple distributions.

Just talking quickly - I know this is a hard one.
David T. Bath bathd edipost auspost com au
+613 9204 8713 (W) 0418 316 634 (Mbl)

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