Re: What widget to display database results?

> Hi all,
> I'm just starting with the gnome environment (using C) and the project
> is database related. What I would like to know is what widget to use
> to see SQL query results in a nice grid-style table. If anyone has any
> samples with callbacks so that clicking on a data item will invoke
> funcX(paramX)
> that'd be fantastic.
> This whole Gnome thing is wonderful - I really hope it's as hugely successful
> as
> it deserves to be !!
you can use GNOME-DB ( grid
 And you'll make your application DBMS-independent, since gnome-db
PostgreSQL, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, Sybase, and others which are

If you don't want to use GNOME-DB, you can still look at the grid widget
source code, which is in the module gnome-db (in GNOME's CVS), in the
gnome-db/lib/gnome-db-grid.[ch] files.


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