Re: What widget to display database results?

Mark Selby wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm just starting with the gnome environment (using C) and the project
> is database related. What I would like to know is what widget to use
> to see SQL query results in a nice grid-style table. If anyone has any
> samples with callbacks so that clicking on a data item will invoke
> funcX(paramX)
> that'd be fantastic.
> This whole Gnome thing is wonderful - I really hope it's as hugely successful
> as
> it deserves to be !!

just wondering..........this gnome thing.......I'm gonna try again and hope for past
my system slowed down horribly during execution of normalthings etc.......file
manager would take forever tostart....
anyway it might have beensomething I did as semi-newbie tosome admin

anyway just wondering......this gnome/kde issue..
is gnome somehow MORE inclined to be a "free development" environemnt whereas kde

programmes pers must pay some licensing fee or something???........i've been to
kde site and I
do not recall seeing that it states free software..

is there a difference between the open-source project between gnome and kde?



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