RE: Ease of Use?

I've put Gnome through a similar test this weekend.  Maria, my girlfriend,
has recently learned how to use a Windows computer.  Same skills as in your
case, some browsing, e-mail and general word processing.  When she came
to my appartment this weekend she wanted to see whether she was able to send
e-mail from my workstation.  I told her that I wanted to see if Gnome was as
easy to use as it is supposed and that I won't tell her how to do it.

   She didn't have any problem.  She was able to use Netscape to send e-mail
just after she found it laying in the task-list.  Asked me a few questions
about virtual desktops and commented that it must be a bit difficult to
remember where is everything.  But after I showed that apps show up in the
task list whithout mattering if they are in the same or in other desktop she
had no problem.

   At the end of the evening she was able to play the games that she liked
without further aids.  Find the progs in the Gnome menus and even connect
and disconnect from the internet using rp3.  The only details that
disoriented her was the lack of consistency in some dialog boxes, but that
was only because when she was more confident she were not reading the
messages and clicked where she has clicked before.

   As she is such a novice user I find Gnome in the right track in the
ease department.

   Just another opinion.

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