Re: Solaris6: cpumemusage_applet doesnt work.

>From: Jan Houtsma <jan houtsma net>

>I have installed the beta version for solaris. 
>Its under ftp gnome/unstable/sources. Had to rebuild gproc and the 
>gnome-applets. Gproc, Load- and Memory-applets work now. 
>However the CPU applet doesnt do anything and remains black (but at least
>is doesn't assert anymore). Guess it needs to be worked upon still :)

How odd - as I say, the flaming CPU Epplet works fine off that code.  Must be 
something thye gnome applet is doing, or you have a different libgtop to me?  Or 
of course the OS difference has gotten in the way here =O{

So many variables, so little development effort expended ;O)  Maybe you can 
figure out the problem and post a patch =O)


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