Switching Managers


I was using KDE as my desktop and was having
trouble switching back to GNOME.

Well, I was launching the Xsession using "startx"
(old school) and when I started using gdm I found the
menu that allowed me to set my manager at startup.

...but I still would like to know what config file this
process touches to set the default (which it offers
to do).

I do not think that it is just ~/.gnome/wm-properties/Config

...this does set the Current Window manager, but this is
not the Session option that I selected at start-up.

I will keep reading, but any pointers appreciated.

An email Cc is no problem, and thanks for the time,


P.S. I also successfully upgraded using the Helix installer
(Note for those experiencing crashes in this installer: I can
confirm that it is possible to just keep restarting the installer.
The install completed successfully after I got the sources 

...and I can successfully switch to the wm Sawfish.

...but when I select any of the sawfish menus under the GNOME 
controller the controller locks up and I have to xkill it.

Has anyone else seen this?

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