Re: Real player

It should work, although it won't add itself to your Gnome menus. You'll
have to do that, if desired.

The name of the executable file is "realplay." On my system (Mandrake 7.2
with Gnome 1.2) it installed itself in /usr/X11R6/bin/. This is probably
already in your PATH, so you shouldn't have to specify the directory when
you start the program.

Good luck.


On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Paul Lewis wrote:

> I am currently downloading realplayer 7 from the realplayer
> website. The website tells me that this version of realplayer
> is for linux 2.x (libc6 i386).
> My system is Redhat 6.0 and I am running Helix gnome, is
> the realplayer going to work or will it give more trouble than
> it is worth?
> Alternatively is there a opensource player that does the same
> if not better than realplayer?
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