Fwd: GNOME configuration files for RealPlayer-7.0

On  6 Sep, Anthony J Rein wrote:
> It should work, although it won't add itself to your Gnome menus. You'll
> have to do that, if desired.

Attached are the files required to add RP7's mime types and a .desktop
that I created for RealPlayer. You'll have to change paths to match your
system (e.g., I put RP's support files under /usr/local/libexec, and my
GNOME prefix is /usr)

Better yet, here's the message I sent to Real on the subject in March.

(FWIW, this info was sent to Real to update their install scripts--who
knows if they've used it, I know they didn't acknowledge receipt . . .)

------ Forwarded message ------
    From: "Kevin D. Knerr, Sr." <barthel calainar pennswald pri>
 Subject: GNOME configuration files for RealPlayer-7.0
    Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 14:44:39 -0500 (EST)
      To: pgodman real com

Attached are the three files necessary for enabling GNOME support for
RealPlayer 7.0 (Please note that the original audio/x-pn-realaudio is
already included in the standard gnome.mime file.)

As installed on my system, the full paths are:

To obtain the correct installation prefix, your shell script should call
 "gnome-config --prefix", which in my case, returns "/usr"

The included realplay.keys & realplay.desktop files include a hard-coded
path to the rp7.xpm icon for my system. This should be replaced with the
appropriate path from your installation script.

These files were created on a Slackware 7.0 system using gnome-libs

I installed RealPlayer-7.0 manually by converting the .rpm to a tar.gz
archive, rearranging the contents (deleting some files and replacing
some with symlinks), and then manually copying to /usr/local. Why?
Because not everyone uses RedHat Linux--a tarball is far more universal
than an rpm. (But Slackers like me can do this sort of thing in their
sleep . . . ;-)

Since I didn't use your install scripts, I didn't write patches for
them. But now that you have the correct filenames and formats, you
should have no problems including GNOME.

I did include the "C" locale in the desktop entry as you did in your KDE
configuration.  You can add the appropriate translations for other

FYI: GNOME does not require X to be restarted to register the new MIME
types--as soon as the file appears in the mime-info directory, GNOME
incorporates its contents. The same is true of the desktop entry. Also,
please note that these files will affect the global GNOME environment
and there is no need to duplicate the information in $HOME. If, however,
you prefer to install to $HOME, use the following paths:


As I did not test this setup, you may wish to append realplay.keys to
user.keys, likewise for realplay.mime.

I hope you find this useful in making RealPlayer easier to use with
GNOME on all flavors of Unix.


 kknerrsr ptdprolog net | http://geocities.com/Area51/Shire/4063
      Organization: The Pennswald Group -- Linux powered!!

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. - Churchill

# realplay.keys - a mime keys file for GNOME, based on the mailcap for
#   RealPlayer-7.0 and the samples within /usr/share/mime-info

# 000316: Initial version by Kevin D. Knerr, Sr. <kknerrsr ptdprolog net>

# Install this file in $share/mime-info

# NOTE: The value for icon-filename is explicitly set to the location where
#   I installed the RealPlayer-7.0 executables. Revise this path as required.

	open=realplay %f
	open=realplay %f
	open=realplay %f

# realplay.mime - a mime-info file for GNOME, based on the mimetypes for
#   RealPlayer-7.0 and the documentation within gnome.mime

# 000316: Initial version by Kevin D. Knerr, Sr. <kknerrsr ptdprolog net>

# Install this file in $share/mime-info

	ext: ra rm ram
	ext: ra rm ram
	ext: smi

[Desktop Entry]
Name=RealPlayer 7
Name[C]=RealPlayer 7
Comment=RealPlayer multimedia player
Comment[C]=RealPlayer multimedia player

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