(.xsession) icewm-gnome & xearth ?

I used to run (on linux-2.2.12, Debian-2.1) the follwoing in
my .xsession:

    #! /bin/bash
    if [ -f /etc/environment ]; then . /etc/environment; fi
    if [ -f ~/.bash_env ]; then . ~/.bash_env; fi
    xearth -grid -markerfile /etc/xearth-marker -pos fixed,57,10 -wait 60 -fork
    exec gnome-session

Now (on linux 2.2.17, Debian-2.2), icewm-gnome is no longer
started, and xearth is ognored, too.

How should I now set up things in .xsession instead?

== Uwe ==

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