A call for colors

C'mon!  To all the programmers involved in the project, how difficult of a
patch could this be?  For months and months people have been asking for the
ability to change the font colors on the background with no response other
than "it's coming in Nautilus."  It seems very far away.

Additionally, I would like to note a problem I experienced with [Helix]
GNOME recently.  I installed XFree86 4.01 using the binary packages from
their site and when GNOME was running as before, the icon text was all
messed up!  Some was left-justified, some was cut off.  It was just messed
up and I'm not sure why.  I just know that when I went back to 3.3.6, it
returned to normal without a hitch.  Ideas?  Anyone else have this problem?

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