Re: A call for colors

Yura <yura linuxave net> writes:

> > Additionally, I would like to note a problem I experienced with [Helix]
> > GNOME recently.  I installed XFree86 4.01 using the binary packages from
> > their site and when GNOME was running as before, the icon text was all
> > messed up!  Some was left-justified, some was cut off.  It was just messed
> > up and I'm not sure why.  I just know that when I went back to 3.3.6, it
> > returned to normal without a hitch.  Ideas?  Anyone else have this problem?
> >
>  Yeah, I have this problem too,  not really messed up but shifted left a
> little.

This is an X bug; I've sentt he XFree86 people the necessary patch.


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