Helix appears to have broken gnorpm

A while ago, I installed/upgraded to Helixcode Gnome, just lately I have
noticed a few things are not working.

The first is Gnorpm, if I try to start gnorpm from a terminal I get the

gnorpm: error in loading shared libraries: libxml.so.0: cannot open shared
object file. No such file or direcrory.

Looking in /usr/lib sure enough there is no libxml.so.0, but there is a
According to rpm,  libxml- is installed. 

Problem number two.

I have tried to upgrade Netscape to version 4.72-6 which includes enhanced 
encryption. RPM refuses to beleve that Netscape 4.51 (currently installed) is
actually installed, possibly it is not in the rpm database.

The 4.72 upgrade to netscape refuses to install no error message other than
netscape-common-4.72-6 cannot be installed is provided when using rpm!

Problem number three

Where in Gnome can I define the keyboard mapping? I have a UK keyboard 
layout in X with the sterling currency sign over the number three. But once I
have started Gnome with sawfish or Enlightenment I can't get the correct key


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