Re: HelixCode's Gnome 1.2

I'm running Helix Gnome on RH6.2 for a couple of months now, installed w/
the Helix Updater. 

As an experiment I've been keeping this box updated with both the Helix
Updater and Red Hat's up2date and it's been pretty sweet. So far the only
thing that's been able to cause any trouble has been the Nautalus preview,
the Evolution preview will crash itself, Nautalus has been able to cause
smoke (just kidding, but you don't want to play it with while anything you
care about is unsaved).

When using RH's updater you have to be careful not to let it update any
packages that Helix is handling -- it would be very nice it these two played
together better. I suspect it's Helix's RPM naming scheme that causing the
problem, but to be honest I haven't worried (or even thought) about much.

OK, sorry for rambling off the subject. The short answer is no problems,
it just works.

-- Jeff

On Mon, 04 Sep 2000 20:34:35 -0400, you wrote:
> Is anyone here running HelixCode's Gnome 1.2? How stable is it or is it
> supposed to be. I'm having nothing but problems with it. I'm using RHL
> 6.2.

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